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THE CONCRETE LADY is one of the most professional concrete contractor companies in the Atlanta area. We offer reliable service, the best materials, quality workmanship, and affordable prices. We use only qualified employees to install your driveway, foundation, patio, pathways, or retaining wall. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


**Residential estimates are $60.00 cash only. If you choose our team to install your product the $60.00 cash will be returned to you on the first day of installation.


Residential Terms And Conditions 





** There are additional terms and conditions to every contract, your THE CONCRETE LADY company representative will provide this information for you at the time of your contract consultation.


An estimate of the number of days to complete the contracted work and an expected start date will be provided by THE CONCRETE LADY prior to the commencement of the Project.  The owner acknowledges that there may be delays in the commencement and completion dates of the Project caused by poor weather and other Acts of God, other contractors working at the site, product availability, strikes, accidents, or other circumstances beyond the control of THE CONCRETE LADY.  Those delays will not alter or invalidate any part of this Contract, nor will they entitle the Owner to additional rights under the Contract. 





 An initial deposit of 50% must be received from the Client in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order before any work begins. THE CONCRETE LADY must receive a 30% payment at 80% completion of work (usually 1-3 days’ work left for job completion) this would be your second payment due.  The remaining balance will be due on the final day of completion.  A late fee of 15% will be added to any payment not made within 10 days of the payment due date. If a second payment, including any late fee, is not received within 10 days of its due date, then THE CONCRETE LADY may terminate this contract without notice, and all amounts under this contract will become immediately due and payable. The client agrees to pay all costs of collection including, but not limited to, attorney’s THE CONCRETE LADY fees and court costs. The above remedies are in addition to any other remedies available to and now or hereafter existing at law, in equity, or by statute. 


THE CONCRETE LADY LLCis insured for general liability.






Unless previously arranged with our office, our crew will present itself unannounced to perform the work. THE CONCRETE LADY shall do its best to meet performance dates, but shall not be held liable for damages due to weather, accidents, acts of God, or any delays beyond our control.



UNDERGROUND UTILITIES / FACILITIES:                                      


As needed, it shall be the responsibility of the client to identify all underground utilities/facilities, including, but not limited to, energized conductors, septic tanks, wells, oil tanks, irrigation systems, water/power lines, etc. THE CONCRETE LADY  is not responsible for contacting GA Power utility and shall be not be held responsible for damages incurred to unmarked or unidentified underground utilities/facilities and or irrigation systems and sprinkler heads. 





 The prices quoted assume access to equipment where needed. If this is unacceptable, we must know prior to pricing and scheduling. THE CONCRETE LADY  is not responsible for any turf damage, direct or otherwise, incurred by the client as a result of THE CONCRETE LADY's use of the equipment and or machinery to dill the labor specifications set forth in the proposal.  





     And WARRANTY:



THE CONCRETE LADY will use its best efforts to ensure that the supplier of the concrete for the project will match the color specified by the Owner; however, Owner acknowledges and agrees that the color of the concrete may not be an exact match of the color specified by the Owner. Unless otherwise specified, all quotes do not include Goods and Services Tax and are valid for 30 days. 





Unless otherwise specified, all quotes do not include Goods and Services Tax and are valid for 30 days.


THE CONCRETE LADY will provide its services at the Total Project Price quoted in the project description; however, any changes or additions to the Project or any additional work required to be performed by Burnett Concrete and Construction due to unanticipated changes beyond THE CONCRETE LADY’s control, as more particularly described under heading CHANGES AND / OR ADDITIONS below will result in additional charges.








THE CONCRETE LADY will make reasonable efforts to complete the Contract as specified.  


Circumstances may arise beyond our control, as described under the heading PROJECT START AND COMPLETION above that may prevent the completion of the project exactly as planned. THE CONCRETE LADY will make reasonable efforts to minimize the impact of these circumstances on the completion of the Project; however, the Owner will be invoiced for any additional material and/or labor costs not included in the Project Description. The owner shall also be responsible for THE CONCRETE LADY’s additional material and/or labor costs incurred in the removal of any unanticipated obstruction which occurs during excavation, including, but not limited to, buried rocks, stumps, and foundations.   


Writing on THE CONCRETE LADY’s Change Order Form and signed by both parties.  the Project design, whether the changes result in additional time, cost, or materials must be made in the remaining balance of the contract and billed as part of the original Project Contract. Any changes in Construction or resulting in delays in the completion of the Project said costs will be added to the commencement of work, resulting in additional material and/or labor costs for THE CONCRETE LADY, and If the Owner wishes to change any part of the contractual design after this contract is signed, but prior to.






This contract may not be assigned by the client without the prior written consent of THE CONCRETE LADY.



THE CONCRETE LADY will endeavor to not damage existing property; however, due to the nature of work with large equipment, the Owner acknowledges that damage can occur.  Unless otherwise specified, THE CONCRETE LADY will not be responsible for inadvertent damage to property caused by THE CONCRETE LADY, including, but not limited to damage to sod caused by bobcat activity, damage to irrigation systems and other underground facilities; or any damages for personal injury resulting from fumes or off-gassing of concrete sealer; nor shall be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances which may result in damage to the property such as damage caused to wet concrete by animals or persons other than THE CONCRETE LADY, vandalism, or acts of God, or other circumstances beyond control.




THE CONCRETE LADY will strive to meet and exceed client expectations and satisfaction through a clear project description and calculated project income. The client is aware and has been advised to the best of THE CONCRETE LADY's knowledge and abilities, that concrete and decorative applications contain many variations/imperfections, and some if any or all, end results may be out of the control of THE CONCRETE LADY. Therefore THE CONCRETE LADY does not guarantee the final color or final result due to the many inherent variables subject to and present in concrete and decorative concrete. 

THE CONCRETE LADY does warranty workmanship, installation, and defects in material for a period of one year. The client agrees to all contract specifications and disclaimers completely through the contract agreement and signature. The client also agrees and releases any liability resulting from any personal injury incurred during installation and/or completed/finished installation. If THE CONCRETE LADY has to hire an attorney to collect any balance owed, the Client agrees that THE CONCRETE LADY will have the right to reasonable attorney fees in addition thereto.


If you would like a company representative to contact you, please go to our contact page.

              **Credit cards payments are accepted a processing fee of four (4 %) percent will be added to the final cost.





We promise to deliver a finished quality product.  For one year commencing from the day that your product is completed there will be no “major cracking”, major scaling or spalling, or major pop - out due to infective materials or workmanship. For this to be effective all concrete must be either 5 3/4 bags mix 3500psi residential, Air- Entrained and 4 inches thick minimum or 6 bags mix 4000psi 

residential, Air- Entrained and 4 inches thick minimum determined by what product is being installed. 


We strive to deliver a high standard of workmanship and customer satisfaction.


This Warranty Covers the Following:


  • Concrete Patios

  • Concrete Slabs

  • Concrete Basement Floors

  • Concrete Garage Floors and Pads

  • Concrete Pathways

  • Concrete Floors

  • Concrete Car Pouches

  • Concrete Pool Surroundings

  • Concrete Retaining Walls

  • Concrete Sidewalks

  • Concrete Foundations

  • Concrete Stairs

  • Concrete Steps

  • Concrete Extensions

  • Stamped Overlays

  • Brick Pavers


1. Definitions:


 “Other exterior concrete” includes patios, sidewalks, and other exterior flat work. “Major Cracking” means cracks wider than ¼ inch that: *in total length, is more than 30% of the length of all of the joints in your driveway or other exterior concrete; or * in any parcel, the total length is more than 30% of the perimeter length of the panel. “Major Scaling and Spalling” means any substantial surface disintegration that occurs at the surface of the driveway or other exterior concrete that covers more than: *10% of the surface area of your driveway or other exterior concrete; or *25% of any panel of your driveway or other exterior concrete. “Major Pop out” means more than 50 conical breakouts per 100 square feet in the concrete surface from fractured pieces of aggregate. 


2. Exclusions:


 This limited warranty does not apply to damage resulting from *abuse of your exterior concrete *not any purpose other than residential purposes *fire, flood, earthquake, defective subsurface or other act of God * altering areas near your driveway or other exterior concrete so that drainage or water runoff undermines exterior concrete * the growth of trees (including roots) or plants near your exterior concrete * Scaling , spalling or pop outs other than major scaling, spalling or pop outs.


*Contact between your exterior concrete and vehicles, foreign objects, animals or persons (other than contractor) during the 3 day period after  exterior concrete is installed *Cracks other than major cracks *discoloration or stains * any settlement or shifting from installation or repair of utility trenches near your driveway orexterior concrete at the point where it meets a garage or car port slab. 


Also, uniformity in the color of a driveway or other exterior concrete may vary within the same pour or when repaired or replaced. This warranty will not guarantee uniformity in color.  A. If you think that your driveway or other exterior concrete has Major Cracking. Major Scaling and Spalling, or Major Pop outs due to defective materials or workmanship, you must notify your Contractor in writing.



 B. Inspection:


 Once your Contractor receives notification, exterior concrete will be inspected by your Contractor or representative within 30 days to determine if Major Cracking, Major Scaling and Spalling, or Major 

Pop out has occurred due to defective materials or workmanship. 


C. Repair or Replacement: 


If Major Cracking, Major Scaling or Spalling or Major Pop out, which is the subject of the notice, occurred within 1 years of the completion date due to defective materials or workmanship, the Major Cracking, Major Scaling or Spalling or Major Pop outs will either be repaired or the damaged part of your exterior concrete will be replaced. This will be carried out at no charge to the homeowner. Your Contractor will have the right to choose between repair or replacement.


4. No Other Warranties:


 There are no other warranties, expressed or implied concerning other exterior concrete.


You may assign this Agreement one time to any purchaser that buys the property on which your exterior concrete is located.


However, the purchaser that buys the property on which your exterior concrete is located will assume this Agreement subject to your prior actions or inactions, and will have no greater rights that you would have had under the Agreement had you not sold the property on which your exterior concrete is located. This warranty is not assignable to any third or subsequent purchaser or any other party.

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