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THE CONCRETE LADY specializes in improving the safety, security and look of your home with beautiful, carefully constructed wood fence installations. When you choose construction materials wisely and work with an experienced, professional wood fence company like THE CONCRETE LADY, your new wood fence can be an asset that adds to the enjoyment and good looks of your home for many years — and increases the resale value of the property when that time comes.

Sometimes due to wear and tear, or damages due to the weather, we also specialize in just replacing sections of the fence to save the client money.

We also can add brick, stucco, and pavers into your fence design, please see the pictures below. Your fence can also be painted for an additional fee.


Concrete driveway and fence installation


Wood, brick and pavers fence 

image0000001 (19).jpg

Brick, stucco and pavers fence 

image0000001 (18).jpg
image0000001 (17).jpg

Fence section replacement

image0000001 (16).jpg
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